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Ashtanga Yoga and Syntropic Agroforestry, Vila Nova de Milfontes, SW Portugal

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Ashtanga Yoga and Syntropic Agroforestry 

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If you are looking for a life changing experience you should come to this 4 days retreat where you will be practicing daily Mysore style and Pranayama and spend the rest of the day learning with Syntropy specialists Sergio Olaya (Brazil) and Jaime Paramo (Spain) how to observe and learn with Nature the art of accelerating and regenerating life. Life in Syntropy (from Greek: syn=together, tropos=tendency). How much energy are we able to generate throughout our life? Are we using our energy wisely? Yoga is an energetic system developed over thousands of years, based on the observation of Nature. As nature is becoming scarce, so is our ability to learn directly from it. As a community of “awakened” individuals, we must learn how to place our energy where it is needed and restore our connection with nature.

Lea and I are embarking on one more amazing adventure here in SW Portugal and would love to share it with you! We are going to restore and reforest a 2.3 acre land, located 3km away from the beach. We have a very clear vision and hope of the future, that involves creating forests and leaving spaces better than we found them. As our community of friends, yogis, surfers, parents and children grow, so does our necessity to generate energy and resources. The knowledge acquired here will allow you to understand and reproduce the Syntropy methodology and method to any part of the world. Come learn with nature specialists @sergioolaya and Jaime Paramo @projetodispersor how to make this planet a better place. 

This workshop includes yoga, syntropy course, food and the option of accommodation.

Please write us for more info:
WhatsApp +351 914094330