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Yoga, Surf & Sun 2019 - May 18th - September 8th - Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal 

Join us for the 8th edition of Yoga, Surf & Sun here in SW Portugal. We started teaching in this exquisite region of Portugal 8 years ago. Our primary motivation was to find a place to live closer to Nature and the Ocean; a sanctuary that would allow us to be more in-tune with the elements, where our kids could grow wild and free and we could lead a more healthy and energetic lifestyle. Eight years have passed and we feel very blessed to be able to share our region and our way of living with Yoga students from all over the world. To be able to practice in a vacation context, where you can focus more on your practice, eat well and take good rest is very important to progress. For the season of 2019 we want to keep providing quality Yoga classes every morning, making sure we can help everyone. To ensure that, we are limiting the number of students per week for 25 students per batch, so we have space at the shala and everyone has the attention they need. Students are expected to attend minimum 6 days of practice. Drop-ins are open only for experienced students.

Schedule at Herdade do Freixial (click to find map)

Mysore Style Tuesday to Saturday, 7 to 10 am

Sunday Led Class, Pranayama & Conference.

* Mondays and Moon-days rest.

Our good student and surf partner, André Teixeira from Costaazul surf holds daily surf classes for beginners and intermediate surfers. He also rents surf equipment for those that surf already. 

Registrations for Yoga, Surf & Sun are open, please email us to book your week or weeks at We will send you general travel information, a list of recommendations on places to stay etc.

Phone/WhatsApp: +351 914 094 330 (let us know your name when you text us).

How to get here:

You can fly to Lisbon airport or Faro airport. If you are renting a car, both airports are a good option. If you want to use public transportation to arrive to, it is best to fly to Lisbon and take a bus to Vila Nova de Milfontes from “Sete Rios bus station” or take the train on Sete Rios or Estação Oriente to Funcheira. Funcheira is 31km away from Milfontes so you must find a way to transfer from there to Milfontes. 

What to bring:

Bring your Yoga Mat, we have some at the Shala but they are old. Weather here is dry and warm during the day but it does get fresh and night. Bring a warm sweatshirt and pants. Bring your beach material and a natural, ecological sunblock. You will need an umbrella at the beach, as the sun is very strong.

List of places to stay:

Monte D’agua (guest house run by Yogis)
Herdade do Freixial (where we teach)

Shangrila surf farm (very close to the yoga shala) (many other options for housing) (Hike n Surf Lodge) (a nice walk away) (you would need a car) (camping) (hotel by the beach and village) (many other options for housing) (nice guest house)

yoga & Synropic Agriculture / Agroforestry - November 21 -24 2019

With SERGIO OLAYA and JAIME PARAMO (Students of Ernst Gotsch)

Sergio Olaya

Jaime Paramo -Projeto Dispersor

If you are looking for a life changing experience and to connect with Nature ia a very practical a direct way you should consider joining this event. During the 4 days event we will be teaching 4 days of Mysore Style and Pranayama. After we will be learning the fundamentals of Syntropic Agriculture developed by Erns Gotsch. One of the most destructive activities on the environment is agriculture. Unsustainable farming practices can lead to deforestation, soil degradation, wasteful water consumption, pollution, and erosion. But there is a rise in regenerative agriculture, or farming which seeks to heal the natural systems on which we rely. Swiss farmer Ernst Gotsch has developed a new technique to transform degraded land into lush forests. He calls his system “syntropic” agriculture, because it is the opposite of entropy. All interactions help promote a positive energy balance in the system. Gotsch developed his technique so that anyone can replicate it in any part of the world, regardless of climate, soil condition, or acreage.

The venue for this course will be on a 2.3 acres land owned by Lea and Tarik. We will be planting hundreds of trees and seeds from exotic and local species using the Syntropic principles. You will lead how to adapt the method to your land, species and global region. 

This course will be ministered by two senior students of Ernst Gotsch, Sergio Olaya (10 years student) and Jaime Paramo. Course will be imparted in Portuguese, Spanish and English. 

whatch video

For more info and details please contact us via phone, what’sApp +351 914094330 or send us a email: