Yoga practice acted like a magnifying lens, expanding and amplifying that experience and many others that layed ahead
— Tarik van Prehn
When I am in the Ocean surfing, all my worries are washed away. The vastness of the Sea puts all of your small problems in perspective
— Lea Perfetti

Ocean Wyse Yoga Guides/Teachers

Lea Perfetti & Tarik van Prehn

Lea and Tarik met in India in 2008 and have been traveling around the world teaching Traditional Ashtanga Yoga ever since. They live on a farm in SW Portugal, with their 4 children. Every summer from mid May to mid September they run a Traditional Mysore Style program called, "Yoga, Surf & Sun;" a very popular Mysore program, where students from all over the world come year after year to deepen their practice and to enjoy Nature and the Ocean simultaneously.

“We had similar life ambitions. Subsequently, a few months after we meet, we both decided to leave our urban Yoga Schools/lifestyles, and move nearer to the ocean / countryside. A place were we could lead a simpler lifestyle, somewhere we could surf everyday and educate our children closer to Nature.”

We have been building our dream lifestyle together ever since, starting in 2010. Over the years we came to realize that more people are benefiting from what we are living and more and more students are eager to experience first hand how to lead a simple, yet fulfilling life.


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Lea Perfetti - USA

Lea was born in Upstate NY, far away from the Ocean. Her first memory of the ocean was when she was 12 years old, and something she could not let go. She knew immediately that she wanted to live by the ocean. She was a competitive swimmer, hurdler and sprinter. During her university studies, in Biology and Woman’s Studies, in 2000 she moved to Sydney to study Marine Biology and soon realised that she didn’t have to be a biologist to live by the Ocean. Simultaneously, a friend suggested she try a Yoga class. Lea was 20 years old at the time, three years later she traveled alone to South India to study Yoga with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois, and made yearly trips thereafter. In 2008, she met Tarik van Prehn in India. Lea and Tarik fell in love and started traveling the world together to teach Yoga. She started surfing only in 2010. Lea and Tarik, along with their 4 kids, chickens, dogs and horses, live in SW Portugal. Lea also studies and gives Astrology consultations. Follow her @loveashtangayoga

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Tarik van Prehn - Portugal

Most of Tarik’s childhood was spent in the jungle or at the beach in São Paulo, Brazil, where one of the last untouched pieces of Rain Forest “Mata Atlantica” still survives. His mother’s family migrated from Indonesia to Brasil after the WWII. His grandparents lived in India for two years where they came to know about Yoga.  His father’s family are Portuguese migrants with a strong connection with the sea.  Tarik started surfing when he was 11. Two years latter his parents migrated to Portugal from the jungle, to a 9th floor apartment. His cultural shock was pacified by the amazing waves Portugal´s coastline offered. He has practiced Yoga and martial arts since he was 19. He has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and started practicing Ashtanga Yoga consistently in 2000 after a trip to Bali to study and surf. From 2001 to 2008 he traveled to Mysore to Study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois. Tarik is a big wave enthusiast and has been spending the last few winters exploring big wave spots in SW Portugal. @loveashtangayoga