Lea and Tarik met in India in 2008 and have been traveling around the world teaching Traditional Ashtanga Yoga ever since. They live in a farm in SW Portugal with their 4 kids. Every summer from mid May to mid September they run a traditional Mysore Style program called "Yoga, Surf & Sun," a very popular Mysore program where students from all over the world come year after year to deepen their practice and to enjoy Nature and the Ocean simultaneously. They teach 6 days a week, 5 Mysore and Led Class followed by Pranayama and Conference every Sunday. In the afternoons you will find them at the beach, enjoying SW Portugals wild beaches. During the winter months they travel abroad to teach weekend long workshops and week to 10 days retreats. Follow them on Instagram (scroll down) and connect with them on FACEBOOK. If you want to visit them in Portugal or want to invite them for a workshop drop them a line loveashtangayoga@gmail.com